The cherry and apricot bushes broke bud yesterday.

The Manchurian Apricot and Nanking Cherry broke bud. As usual for the Nanking it has always been first for the Manchurian Apricot , this is it’s first year blooming. More later I’m just… Continue reading

We have made it through another winter with possibly no losses.

All established plants have made it. A couple of last years starts are not confirmed. A Paw-Paw and Saskatoon Blueberry are in question.There has been extensive herbaceous growth, with hops leading the pack… Continue reading


> There is no Permaculture principal more important and none that accentuate our greatest ability as human beings than the principal of observation. We learn all we know through our 6 senses: site,… Continue reading

Feed Back

Entering your products in the state Fair is a great way to get feedback from professionals and meet many people who have a lot of knowledge. It can be a humbling experience as… Continue reading

International Permaculture Design Courses

I have done all my international teaching with Mindfull Generations a wonderful not for profit organization. The founder Cathy Rose is literally a dynamo in the unique courses offered to farmers in Haiti… Continue reading


Woven Fence Living Roof in San Francisco Cistern in Kenya Building Frame Building Frame Mechanic Pit (made of earth bags and cement) Shower in a bathroom with woven walls. Mud Oven

Design and Map

Gathering information on a particular piece of property is easier in many ways these days.Follow this link then togle the 45* angle to see the same property from directly above and in the… Continue reading

Presserve Your Harvest

Obtain a yield and catch and store energy. Canning, Curing, Fermenting, Freezing, smoking and storing.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste is stuff in the wrong place. Reduce-¬†florescent, CFL s,¬†LED s, military showers, if its brown flush it down if its yellow let it mellow, Re-use- grey water, dog doo bags, Re-cycle- Mpls… Continue reading