Permaculture Land Acquisition

I have noticed a huge interest in acquiring a small holding for Permaculture use among many individuals and groups of individuals. The major setbacks in most if not all situations are: Money and Community.

Community is needed not only for the human spirit and a sense of belonging to a group but is also necessary in a general utilitarian purpose; that of  standing together for protection and mutual economic projects that can be beyond the means of an individual.

Money is often needed to acquire land and sometimes  initial earthworks projects.

I propose a solution to this problem to be found in the often dark recesses of the Croft system of the Highlands. Don’t get me wrong I am not proposing a return to Feudalism with peasants slaving over the land to the benefit of a landlord, but rather the lessons learned there and the reforms made and then taking it a step further.


An idea of how this would work.

Capital investment into land for the purpose of  sustainable land stewardship using Permaculture Design and a  three entity system: Investor, Renter, Organization.


  • Puts up the money for the initial purchase of land
  • Is given a transferable share, representative of the investment
  • Knows that there money is placing sustainable land stewardship first
  • Their funds are ultimately secured through land ownership
  • will receive first options to purchase products produced on the land and for sale on the open market
  • can participate in business meetings


  • Pays rent of (tax x 2? pays taxes and organization operation expenses)
  • works the land following Permaculture principles and practices
  • obligatory participation in organizations  business meetings and operations
  • is able to transfer land rights to another person (will or transfer but not sublet)
  • can vote on organizational issues
  • is entitled to an equal share of commons land use or products


  • manages investor shares
  • manages land use of commons (land other than homestead, consisting of grazing, field, forest, wilds,orchards,etc.) (Renters have a vote)
  • manages organization operations
  • may add land and or renters and or investors to holdings (investor and renters have a vote)

Please give feedback and level of interest.